Fetish Femina
Miss Eden Newmar

I am Eden Newmar. Chicago’s fresh faced, deliciously curvy and unshaven Domina. My passion as a Dominant began at an early age, and I’ve now blossomed into the young woman who beckons submissives to their decadent ruinination. I delight in my Dominant ways, and come by my craft honestly. With me, you’ll find an authentic breath-taking experience with an alluring Mistress.

I enjoy play ranging from sensual, cerebral kinks to seductively sadistic and I can dance up and down that spectrum with style, grace and a smile that will make your knees buckle.

My refined look combined with my au-naturale body hair challenges beauty standards and turns heads. My armpits will become your new fetish, my elegantly ample frame will become your new favorite view. My deviant and whimsical mind will bend yours in new ways. Step into my world, and bring your wildest submissive fantasies to life.

Au Naturel

Two of my many gifts are my pheromones and unapologetic pride about my body hair. Being au naturel is something I effortlessly work into my style. I find my own scent absolutely intoxicating, and I know you will too.

My body hair challenges normative beauty standards that label women with body hair as dirty, careless and unkempt. In a world where we embrace men with beards as emanating masculinity, how unfair is it that a sweet femme with a little bit of hair on her pits gets buried with societal shame?

My body hair blends naturally in with my dark and penetrating gaze, and the smell of my pheromones (a salty, earthy aroma) will linger in your sensory memory long after our time is over.

You’re welcome.

For our enjoyment…

Worship: armpits, foot, legs, ass, breast, scent
Fetishes: body hair, pheromones, scent, smoking, lace, gloves, stockings, corsets, spitting, satin, toys for boys
Sensation play: Nipple play, prostate stimulation, tickling, sensory deprivation and play, plastic wrap, sploshing, temperature play, restrictive bondage
CBT: kicking, whipping, ball busting, CBB, weights, sensation play
Sissification: forced feminization, cross dressing, sissification
Kinks: tease and denial, facesitting and smothering, breath play, BS/GS/FT
Corporal Punishment: whipping, flogging, caning, face slapping, OTK, bastinado, scratching
Role play: seductive neighbor, bratty daughter – submissive daddy, student – teacher, mommy – son, and more!

Things to remember...


+I am happy to see women, trans folk, and non-binary people!
+I prefer that you're the one submitting
+If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask!

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