Elegant Chicago Mistress

I am an elegant twist to the smutty streak running through your filthy mind. My sweet feminine glow entrances you into my darker layers. With a simple smile, I can leave you begging to be glazed in my saliva. I will paint your skin pink, red, rose and violet with graceful command and a sneering grin. You will grovel for the chance to touch my soft alabaster skin and deep violet hair. You will happily work for such a high privilege.

My figure perplexes and amazes you: from my slender shoulders and beautifully structured neck, my au naturel arm pits that align perfectly with my breasts all the way down to my plump derriere and full figured legs which lead to a Kurt Vonnegut asshole tattoo on my right foot.

I am a craving you haven’t been able to pinpoint because there is no one quite like me. Rubens’ portraits of women are perhaps the closest my slender and plump body could ever come to being described, and my dark yet spirited feminine demeanor can leave you on the edge of your seat, ready to dive in – or on your knees begging for tidal waves of more…

Au Naturel

Two of my many gifts are my pheromones and unapologetic pride about my body hair. Being au naturel is something I effortlessly work into my style. I find my own scent absolutely intoxicating, and I know you will too.

My body hair challenges normative beauty standards that label women with body hair as dirty, careless and unkempt. In a world where we embrace men with beards as emanating masculinity, how unfair is it that a sweet femme with a little bit of hair on her pits gets buried with societal shame? I spit upon such sentiments.

My body hair blends naturally in with my dark and penetrating gaze, and the smell of my pheromones (a salty, earthy aroma) will linger in your sensory memory long after our time is over.

You’re welcome.


Below is a list of my special interests. You are welcome to inquire about things that are not listed, but if you inquire about anything listed under my hard limits you will be ignored.
Worship: armpits, foot, legs (below the knee), scent
Fetishes: body hair, pheromones, scent, smoking, lace, boots, gloves, stockings, corsets, spitting, satin
Corporal Punishment: whipping, flogging, caning, face slapping, OTK, bastinado, scratching
Cuckold: forced bi, cuckolding
CBT: kicking, whipping, ball busting, CBB, weights, sensation play
Objectification: human ashtray, human furniture, human mattress
Sissification: forced feminization, cross dressing, sissification
Showers: golden, ruby
Others: nipple torture, humiliation, degradation, sensory deprivation, domestic servitude, clothed facesitting and smothering, breath play, sensation play, castration play

Hard Limits

My Hard Limits

Anything that ends in -job
Permanent damage
Nudity on my part

Session Information

Things to remember...


I am happy to see men, women, trans folk, non-binary people and couples!
I am never nude during sessions.
I do not provide escort services
Case-by case sliding scale options available to students, CPS workers, social workers and blue collar workers.

Session Information